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Horsemanship Classes run for 4 weeks and take place on Saturday mornings 9am-11am.


*Cost is $100/4 week course

*Class appropriate for folks 8 years & older

*Adult must accompany children under 14 years old - cost remains $100 for the pair (adult with child 8-14yrs old) :).

​To Register for Horsemanship Classes please contact Program Director, Shelby Ryan, LCSW at or call 540-793-4361.

***All revenue from Horsemanship Classes goes to cover the medical and feed costs for the amazing rescue horses that live on the farm and who help provide wonderful learning experiences for participants in our programs.

Horsemanship Class​

This class is Perfect for folks who are considering buying a horse or just want to learn basic horsemanship skills.  This class is non-mounted and will give​ you information and "hands on" experience in:​

*Understanding  horse body language

*Safety around horses

*How's and Why's of horse care

*Practice Haltering and Leading a horse

*Understanding Health & Nutrition Needs

*Breeds & Colors

* Responsibilities of owning a horse

*Cost of owning a horse

*Picking a horse*& activity right for you

*Riding Styles & Riding Disciplines: English, Western, Saddle Seat - Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Barrel Racing, Trail Riding...  - which might fit your personality, interests, and lifestyle best.

*Resources (riding programs, boarding facilitites, veterinarians, ferriers, horse supply stores in our area)

Horses are great fun & best friends!  They can also be a lot of work, responsibility, and expense.  If you are thinking about buying a horse and want to know what is involved OR if you are interested in riding or non-mounted horse activities that don't require horse ownership, this is a great way to learn what equine activities are a good fit for you and learn about resources (farms, equine programs, supplies) that will meet your interests.

​Classes meet 2 hours/week, once a week for 4 weeks.  The cost is $100 for the 4 week class. Class is appropriate for folks age 8 & older.  Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.  The good thing is an adult & child can still come together for the $100 fee - so its not an extra $100 for a parent with child under 14 team:)

Classes are forming this spring.  Please contact us for more information.

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