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WELCOME TO SUMMER TIME Fun and Personal Growth!

Summer just isn't summer without a great summer camp experience!  When you are a kid, summer is about Outdoor Fun, Sun, Friends, Adventures, and Self-Discovery!  What will your child discover about him/herself this summer?​​​

*HOSS Camp - (Honing Our Social Skills) -Emphasis is social skills and character building - ages 8-12

*Girl Power - Emphasis on building self-esteem and confidence - belief in self - girls ages 13-15

*Customized 1/2 day or full day camps - to meet your group's interests/needs - we will work with you to tailor a perfect fit of enrichment and skills-building activities  for your class,​ team, or club.​

Read below to learn more about camps and to access registration forms:

Customized 1/2 or Full Day Camps

Social Skills & Character Building activities to meet your group's interests & needs.

​Our team of experienced mental health professionals and horse specialists will partner with your organization to customize personal growth experiences for your students, team, group.  Areas of focus can include:



Self Awareness​ & Self-Evaluation

Communication​​​       Empathy

                successful planning and completion of tasks______

Responsibility    Teamwork & Cooperation             Confidence           Setting and​​

                                                  Accepting Boundaries

Active Participation​ ​     self-esteem

Anger & Anxiety Management  

respect for self & others            Leadership  Problem-Solving   EXPLORATION




Let us know your interest/needs and we will be happy to discuss how a customized equine assisted learning experience can benefit your students/group/team/club.

HOSS Camp (Honing Our Social Skills)

HOSS Camp is a fun day camp ​emphasizing social skills and character building in a safe, nurturing, environment that promotes personal awareness and emotional growth.


Why Choose HOSS (Honing Our Social Skills) Camp?


Our goal is to help each camper discover his/her own unique gifts, abilities, and interests through participating in activities that offer opportunities for personal growth and development.

Each day includes a social-skills lesson and a variety of engaging activities to practice skills.  Each lesson is designed to target a social behavior required for successful peer relationships.

Staff consists of experienced, licensed eligible social workers and counselors.

Activities will include:

Equine Assisted Learning, Nature lessons/activities, creative arts, creative writing, gardening, fishing, nature walks, games, and horseback riding.

Social Skills & Character Building Focused Activities:​

Campers receive social skills instruction & participate in activities that encourage practice of those skills and promote character building.

Social Skills: ​Self-Awareness, Communication, Setting & Accepting Boundaries, Active Participation

Character Building: Self-Confidence, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Respect for Self and Others, Sportsmanship, Appreciation of Nature, and Sense of Accomplishment

Community Living/Service Skills:  Caring/Empathy, Trustworthiness, Fairness, Teamwork, Citizenship, Critical Thinking:  Problem-Solving, Imagination, Exploration​​





                      Girl Power!    

   (for girls ages 13-15)   

July 30th-August 2nd

(4 days, Tues-Fri,  9am-4pm)    

Early teen years can be tough.  It's a time when personal values and sense of self are being discovered and challenged. 

Girl Power camp is an emotionally safe place where girls in their early teen years can connect with other girls and have the time, space, and support to discover (or rediscover) their talents, personal strengths, and character.


This camp experience will include activities that encourage personal growth in the areas of self-esteem, self-confidence, respect for self and others, self-awareness, personal responsibility, and critical thinking.

Activities will include:

Equine Assisted Learning, Nature Lessons/Activities, Creative Arts, Creative Writing, Gardening, Fishing, Nature walks, Games, Horseback Riding



HOSS and Girl Power Camp Dates and Information:  ​


HOSS Camp - July 8th-12th (Mon-Fri)  9am-4pm​

HOSS Camp  - July 22nd-26th (Mon-Fri) 9am-4pm

Girl Power -  July 30th-August 2nd (Tues-Fri) 9am-4pm

Cost of Camp: $350/week per camper for HOSS Camp


              $280/ 4 day week per camper for Girl Power            

Staff-to-camper ratio is no more than 1:3

Is lunch provided?

*Campers need to bring lunch.  (There is a refrigerator & microwave)

*Drinks and Healthy snacks provided

*Indoor air-conditioned lounge with indoor bathroom.

Additional Camp Information (including policy/procedure and registration forms) can be accessed by clicking below.




​***Please contact us by phone or email for camp forms.  Forms will be uploaded soon soon. :)​

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