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Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy

Welcome to Equilibrium Equine-Assisted Therapies,

servingthe Roanoke Valley and Surrounding Areas!

We have all heard about and probably experienced the therapeutic nature of animals, whether it be through pet ownership, animal observation - domestic or wild, or other interactions with animals.  Sometimes they make us laugh with their comical behavior, and sometimes they remind us of ourselves or someone we know. They can help us feel more relaxed, and even challenge us to use patience, demonstrate empathy, and become problem-solvers.  Sometimes we listen to them before we will listen to other people.  Sometimes they listen to us when we feel no one else is.  Animals can teach us about ourselves and can teach us many life lessons.

At Equilbrium Equine-Assisted Therapies, we believe in the therapeutic benefits animals can bring humans, and humans can bring to animals.  Our mission is to provide high quality personal growth experiences through interactions with animals.  Equilibrium Equine-Assisted Therapies offers the following services:

*Equine Assisted Learning   - individuals/families/schools/teams/corporate groups

*Equine Assisted Psychotherapy - individuals/families/groups

*Summer Camps - fun, educational personal growth experiences

*Horsemanhip Classes - these informative classes help cover medical expenses for our rescue horses

Equilibrium Equine-Assisted Therapies is located in Boones Mill, VA.   Our horses help make up the therapy provider team, along with licensed mental health professionals and equine specialists.  We also have therapy dogs and lots of wildlife to help make visits to the farm enjoyable and educational.

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy  - Looking for something outside of traditional office talk therapy?  

For those folks seeking counseling services and looking for something outside of traditional office therapy sessions, you may consider Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy.  We believe that individuals  have strength and ability to overcome personal obstacles and that through an experiential learning process (learning through doing) people can gain insight about the nature of personal obstacles more quickly, and can find and use personal strengths, approaches, and insights more effectively when able to practice in an environment that gives them immediate feedback. Horses are prey animals who are interested in self-preservation, but also have a strong social nature, making them ideal for giving immediate feedback that facilitates self-awareness.

To learn how EAP can work for individuals, families, and groups

Equine-Assisted Learning - Schools, Teams, Businesses, Groups looking for activities that are interactive and educational should


Please take a moment to scroll through these pictures of the beautiful farm and  the animals that help provide personal growth experiences to visitors.

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